Not the 1st Time!

Ok so it’s not the 1st time that I have attemtped to write a blog, I am not sure why I never managed to stick to it, emotional failure is sometimes hard to pinpoint. Anyway weren’t we always told if you fail try try again. So thats what I am doing….trying again.

I seem to start every week trying again, trying to get fit, trying to loose weight, trying to be a better person. Every time a Monday or the 1st of the month swings round I try. By the 3rd day I have failed. Tomorrow I am going to try again at all the above, not because it is the 1st or a Monday but in fact because it is a nothing day!

WEDNESDAY-what is a Wednesday it’s a nothing day, it’s the middle of the week not quite the beginning of the week not quite the weekend just the middle. But today I have decided Wednesday is going to be a ‘something’ day for me. I have waited for the epiphany for the last 24 years and it never arrives for me. Today I have decided I am fed up of waiting, because lets face it if i wait much longer I am going to be fat (fatter) miserable (ok more miserable) and Lonely (ok even more lonely if that is possible.) Today I want tomorrow to be my epiphany day and sod it if the epiphany won’t come to me I’ll just make my own damned Epiphany.

I know exactly how I am going to LOOSE WEIGHT, GET FITTER AND BE A BETTER PERSON, blimey I have had 24 years to come up with the right formula, I just haven’t had the balls to put it into action.

Oh and the reason behind the Blog name:

Definition of Fatty-bombatty according to the urban dictionary:   

Fattybombatty – 1 definition – An insult or [cuss] normally used against fat girls. Same meaning as [lard arse].
Personally I think this is an awesome insult, it’s now hurtful it rhyms and shit me I’d much rather be called this than Obese, Big Boned or Large or some other ridiculous PC phrase for being a lard arse!!!
So wish me luck me I think Im going to need it!

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