What Thin People Don’t Understand About Being Fat

Granted there are alot of things that thin people don’t understand about being fat (obvious to those of us that are a little lardy.) Today I thought I would let those people who may not be aware, aware!!

1-Not all Fat people live on a ‘C’ (cake, cookies, chocolate, crisps, curry, chips, Chinese) diet, yes it is more than likely that to have reached the obese category they have munched their way through a fair few of the ‘C’s.’ But Fat people do eat vegetables and fruit too, most fatties I know actually just love all food, whether it be salads, pizza, bread. I have found that I almost feel guilty and a fake buying veggies and fruit sometimes like it is a cover up and underneath my little disguise are bottles of Coke, bags of crisps and bundles of chocolate bars. Theres not!

2-The Fat person on the plane didn’t want to sit next to you either! I have heard this one A LOT, ‘i was on the flight back and this fat person was taking half my seat.’ Flying for fat people is a particularly scary concept, not because we think we will weigh the plane down one side, but genuinely we know we are going to be uncomfortable and the last thing we want to do is make someone else uncomfortable.

3-Fat people do exercise, ok the reason we are fat is because we don’t do enough of it, but we do exercise. I find myself getting stared at when I walk my particularly muscly, fit dog along the beach and I can almost here the comments of maybe some dogs aren’t like their owners.

4-Fat people have feelings too! One thing thin people seem to be totally unaware of is that fat people actually have feelings. I LOVED my old place of work but one thing that would really get me was when they would comment on ugly gross stretch marks, now I would be the 1st to agree yes they are ugly and gross, but if I was talking to a teenager with an obvious acne problem I am pretty sure the last thing I would do is say how gross spots were. Or for instance how tacky and chav tastic black roots are among the un natural blonde’s.

5-Fat people have limited wardrobes. I have some fab friends but one thing they can never get their head around is why I have to plan things so far in advance. The main reason being I need to plan what I wear, fat people have limited wardrobes and therefore every outfit is planned to the washing machine load. So when I say I haven’t got anything to wear it’s not a spoilt brat I don’t have enough Prada, it really means I have NOTHING to wear.

6 – Fat people can have jobs and money! I don’t think this one needs explaining.

7-Not all Fat Girls are lesbians FACT! Has it ever crossed thin peoples minds that fat girls don’t date due to the complete embarrassment and where do you see guys queuing up to date fat girls ( if anyone knows where this Que is please let me know!) Fat girls hang out with other girls (as any thin girl with a fat girl friend will tell you) because actually they can be fun and your boyfriend will never cheat on you with the Fat girl.

I know there are many more but this entry will be crazily long if I list them all in one go!

So remember the next time you see a fat person, they probably are actually having salad for dinner, they hate flying just as much as you, they aren’t all lazy, they do cry occassionally (unless of course they are British,) and they can make great friends.


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