The Simple Things

I have an amazing family, amazingly irritating, amazingly close, amazingly everything, but there mine and I love them dearly, and probably like 90% of people I don’t tell them enough.

This weekend it really did finally all click, for me at least I think it did. I have avoided certain friends and family in the last two years, totally embarrassed by myself and not that I didn’t want to see them but I didn’t want them to face the embarresment of having to own up to be related or friends with me!

One of my favourite cousins, yes I know your not meant to have favourite anythings but I do! And if you knew my cousins you would know why some are SO much preferable to others. Anyway a mix of good old family politics and my own issues had meant i hadn’t spent much time with him or his new family since they moved back to the UK from far away lands. Two weeks ago he told me they were moving back again, I was really gutted quite selfishly, but so disappointed in myself that I had missed out on them as a family.

I plucked up the courage to go round this weekend, and I can hand on heart say I have never been more disappointed in myself. My cousin is a wonderful guy and his little family are amazing, I had the best afternoon I had had in such a long time just drinking tea and playing peek a boo. I know I have missed out but now knowing what I have missed I am going to make the effort even though they will be thousands of miles away, because I really want to be in their lives and also I have realised they want me in theirs!


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