Week 2

Weight Week 2 – 260lbs/118kgs/18.5 st

Wahoo I am officially loosing weight 5lb down. Ok so I was a bit slack in getting this written down, but I weighed myself on Wednesday morning and I had lost 5lbs.

So what I am doing this week I am hoping is more of the same I am making a big effort to clock up my 10,000 steps a day. I started last week calorie counting but by Thursday I was SO over that, I don’t mind counting the ‘substance’ food but when your making a salad and trying to weigh lettuce it just becomes cumbersome, so I came up with this method: I can eat 1000 calories a day of ‘substance’ and I don’t count fruit (not inc dried fruit) or vegetables, it makes it so much damned easier. Oh and I have a no count day which could also be known as sanity day!!

What Was Bad This Week:

It wasn’t really bad it just annoyed me. Only a blind man would think that my orange A & F tracky bottoms aren’t cool, but apparently in some well know furniture shops they don’t invite helpful service! I went to 4 shops milled around for 10 mins each and still didn’t get the mandatory ‘can I help?’ Obviously Orange Pants + Fat Girl not a good Combo.

What Was Great About This Week:

Other that loosing 5lbs, seeing my oldest friend for the first time in 2 years! As with any bestest buds it felt like yesterday after 5 minutes of chat and by the end of the evening we had put the world to rights! 

What Am I Looking Forward Too:

I have a boot full of grow your own veggies’ and seeing as though I have poison fingers rather than green ones when it comes to plants this could be a £20 disaster if ever I had one, I even have trouble keeping shop bought flowers for their allotted time span! This could be an on going blog saga, what can I say I do like a challenge!

Recipe Of The Week:


Toasted piece of multiseed bread, covered high in roasted veg (courgettes, peppers, aubergine and mushrooms, no oil) with a tablespoon of soft goats cheese crumbled on top.

Delicious and almost sinless just make sure the aubergine are cooked otherwise they have this thick rubbery skin (reminds me of a dolphin skin, which my sister thinks is gross but hysterical.)




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