Week 3

Now I would put my new weight in accept I have kinda taken one step forward and 3 back this week. After having a very encouraging 2 weeks of exercise and eating I felt that for this to continue I needed a support network, having exhausted all ideas of using family members and friends, I succumbed to the idea of Weight Watchers. Not wanting to go alone I roped my sister into coming with me although she barely needs to loose weight I was tres excited when she weighed herself to find she was laying outside of her WW ideal weight category. Anywho as it was she didn’t make it to the meeting so I went alone. Bloody Terrifying. Not only that due to the location of the meeting in an old church hall and therefore felt more like a WI meeting, and as if writing down my weight wasn’t bad enough having someone else looking at it was a whole other game. And then imagine my absolute horror when the WW (devil scales) weighed me in at 19st 2lbs!!! NO a whole 7lbs heavier than my own scales, so there is my 3 or should it be 7 steps back.

I think I pretty much got the hang of it all it’s straightforward enough. there was a pretty eclectic mix of people there some men, old women teenage girls, some very fat (like me wahoo) others not so much more like they just over indulged during the fe stive season.


Weight 19.2 st /268.8 lbs /122.2 kg


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